Associate Photographer

Lead Photographer, Owner

"One of the most important things in my life is family. I have realized, getting older, that being surrounded by the people you love and who love you, is truly special (cue the aww's, it's the sweetest!). Since my family is now growing (I am a very proud auntie!), I realize how important documenting moments are, whether that's welcoming a new baby into the world, freezing time for a family portrait, capturing milestones, to making someone feel fabulous during a personal session and expressing themselves! As humans we want to share what makes up happy with others, so if we can make you feel that then I would have to brag and say that I have the best profession ever (wait, I do!)."



"I never realized how fast time flew by until I became a mom. You want to hold tight to every moment, every memory, and take snap shots in your mind so you can treasure the feelings forever. Every summer my hubby and I cannot believe that another school year has passed, and every fall we cannot believe that summer is over and it is time to start yet another new school year. I understand how important it is to families to create the images that encapsulate those feelings. I talk a lot. I share a lot. I want families to feel comfortable and truly enjoy their custom portrait experience. I have an incredible time doing what I love and am so glad you stopped by!"